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Primus Juridik is a law firm based in the heart of Sundsvall but with clients based all over Sweden. The company was founded in 2012, but the
people at the law firm have a much longer experience than that.

For us, no legal issue is too small or too big. We make no difference between our clients, whether they are individuals, companies or organizations. Regardless of who you are and what you need help with, we can provide both qualitative and effective advice – we always give you the solutions that make a real difference. Through our competent and experienced employees, we can help you in all legal areas, whether it is private or company-related matters.

Our services and solutions are always cost-effective with significantly more competitive prices than what the traditional law firm can offer. Your first contact with us is always free of charge, and you can therefore calmly and safely describe what problems you have and need help with.

Do you want to feel safe and well taken care of when you need help? We thought so, and in that case you have come to the right place. We help you all the way and suggest the solutions that suit you and your situation best. Of course we have a liability insurance.

Did you also know that we are available when you need us? We are here for you even outside office hours, and you always get quick feedback when you contact us.

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Labor law in Sundsvall

Labor law covers virtually all issues that are raised within the framework of an employment. It can be anything from dismissal, dismissal and employment protection (LAS) to wage disputes. It can also be about issues related to negotiating with trade union (MBL) and work environment. What is good to know is that it is not only the established trade unions that can assist you in labor law disputes, you can also turn to Primus Juridik and we will assist you with the help you need. If you are not a member of a trade union, you have no support at all in the legal dispute. You should also be aware that in some cases the union chooses not to pursue a specific issue.

As a small and medium-sized employer, there is often a lack of competence in labor law. If a conflict arises with the union, or if a collective agreement has not been signed, it can be safe to turn to someone who possesses competence in the area in the event of a conflict. Primus Juridik in Sundsvall are experts in employment law and are an obvious alternative.


Contract law in Sundsvall

Contract law includes many different areas, both for private individuals and legal entities. At Primus Juridik, we help assist you with writing contracts and agreements or interpreting an existing one. We also provide translation of the agreement into the most common languages.

It is not uncommon for two individual parties to have difficulty interpreting a previously entered agreement. The differences of opinion between the parties cannot be reconciled or overcome. In this case, a trial remains in court. In such a process, it benefits in many cases the individual if he or she can be assisted by a representative. Primus Juridik often acts as an agent for both companies and private individuals in contract law disputes. After been given a power of attorney, we can handle the negotiation in your place, at times when you can not or do not want to attend.


Tax Law in Sundsvall

For various reasons, the tax authorities may contact you as a company or private individual. The tax authorities usually ask you to answer a number of written questions. In case you are not legally or financially educated, there may be question marks about what to answer.

If the tax authorities have instead initiated a tax audit in your company, you may need to discuss the consequences of this with an expert in the field. It may also be the case that you believe that the authority bases its decision on incorrect grounds and want to respond to this with the help of an expert in the field. Providing the right information to the authority in this situation can be absolutely crucial for the outcome. Knowledgeable lawyers and graduate economists work at Primus Juridik. After we have familiarized ourselves with your case, we pedagogically go through what you can expect, and make suggestions for an appropriate response. If you wish, we will meet the authority at your request.

Of course, you can also turn to us for help with preparing your declaration for the limited company, sole proprietorship or for yourself.


Company law in Sundsvall

Company law is one of Primus Juridik’s main areas of expertise. Peter Källenfors is responsible for this area. Peter Källenfors’ experience is extensive, having previously been chief legal officer at the Swedish Companies Registration Office and Systembolaget. Peter also works as a lawyer.

Why company law?

Companies are run in different company forms: sole proprietorships, trading companies, limited partnerships or limited companies. Each company form has its own regulations to relate to. It is important that you as an entrepreneur are well acquainted with the legal consequences of the various forms of companies. In some cases, you may be personally liable for the company’s debts.

If several people are partners in a company, a partnership agreement or shareholder agreement should be designed to prevent disputes. Should one of the shareholders, for example, pass away, it is an advantage to agree in advance on what will happen to his shares. Once a dispute has arisen, it is much more difficult to resolve the issues if there is no agreement. Primus Juridik assists you in these situations. A tip is that you turn to Primus Juridik before the dispute is a fact.

When selling or buying companies or parts of companies, a written agreement should be drawn up. There may also be a reason for an expert to review the company’s assets and liabilities before a purchase or sale takes place. In these situations, the help of an expert lawyer is usually needed. No matter how detailed and carefully an agreement is formulated, different interpretations of the content may arise with a legal dispute as a result. Primus Juridik employs graduate economists and senior lawyers who can assist you in the sale and purchase of companies.


Advanced company law

Primus Juridik is at hand when you need company law advice. Whether you want support in planning or carrying out a company establishment, carrying out a new share issue, redeeming shares or merging companies. It may be a matter of finding out what rights the shareholders have at the Annual General Meeting or what requirements must be taken into account regarding corporate governance. Primus Juridik also helps you sign and negotiate shareholder and joint venture agreements. We undertake to review your commercial agreements, for example from a risk perspective. We can assist you with the company’s structure by providing documentation on the board’s work, management issues, articles of association and preparations as well as the conduct of general meetings. Primus Juridik can relieve the Board of Directors of advanced company law such as board issues, general meetings and commercial agreements.


Family law in Sundsvall

A person’s everyday life is reflected in many legal issues, many of which are about the family and relationships. Sometimes the dispute can be resolved within the family, but sometimes legal expertise is required to resolve the family dispute. Being foresighted and establishing, for example, a cohabitation agreement or a prenuptial agreement can prevent future conflicts. We at Primus Juridik have many years of experience in establishing cohabitation agreements and prenuptial agreements. In cases where there is no agreement, Primus Juridik can assist you. Divorce and subsequent division of property are events that usually require legal assistance. Furthermore, questions about custody, housing, contact and maintenance regarding children may arise.

When you need help with any of the following points in family law in Sundsvall, do not hesitate to contact Primus Juridik.

  • Inheritance Disputes
  • Estate inventory
  • Division of property
  • Deed of gift
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Divorce
  • Testament
  • Custody
  • Marriage

Real estate law in Sundsvall

When transferring a property, there is a lot to think about, both for the buyer and for the seller: Hidden faults? Who is responsible for repairs? Should you have an inspector? This is just examples of the issues that can arise in a property transfer. Primus Juridik can assist with advice and contract writing before a real estate transaction, regardless of whether you intend to sell or buy a home. In the case of a property transfer, there are several formal requirements that must be complied with in order for, for example, an application for legal registration to be accepted. Primus Juridik helps you with the entire process of buying a property, and also with a possible legal process.


Personal data protection / GDPR in Sundsvall

We help you with Personal Data Protection / General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places high demands on how you as a company owner and data controller should handle personal data. Anyone who does not comply with the regulations risks being subject to high penalty fees. Among other things, you need to have a legal basis for all personal data processing that takes place and follow the basic principles for processing personal data. You also have a far-reaching information requirement in relation to the data subjects.

We help companies and other organizations to comply with current data protection legislation. We can, for example, review customer agreements, general terms and conditions, establish personal data policies and registers / lists. We can also give advice on how to process personal data in the individual case.

Contact us and we will help you comply with current data protection legislation.


Law of the Horse in Sundsvall

Many issues in the horse industry are of a legal nature and you as a horse owner as a business owner as well as a private person need on specific occasions advice and support from a horse lawyer. Horse law, includes a wide range of different situations and where legal expertise is needed. These can be buying and selling horses, accommodation, riders, horse brokers, riding and other horse services. In all situations, it may be wise to contact a horse lawyer when an agreement is to be drawn up or if you need help in deciding on an agreement proposal. Regardless of whether you are a private individual, horse entrepreneur or work in the industry, Primus Juridik can assist you with answers to the unique questions that arise in horse law. For example, do you know that you as an entrepreneur are bound by the Consumer Purchase Act if you sell a horse to a private individual? If both buyers and sellers are private individuals, it is of particular importance that you as a buyer examine the horse properly, as it can otherwise be difficult to invoke faults in the horse afterwards. In this case, the Purchase Act applies. Disputes due to faults in horses are unfortunately not uncommon. Disputes are due to the parties having different views on what has been agreed. The purchase agreement thus becomes a decisive component for assessing what is legally to be regarded as a party intention. The purchase agreement must be designed and interpreted depending on which law is applicable to the legal relationship between the parties. In this situation, you can turn to Primus Juridik and our horse lawyer.

Christina Bengtsdotter is a lawyer and MSc in economics and works, among other things, with horse law at Primus Juridik. Christina has extensive experience of horses and rides herself actively and has done so since 1980. Christina has experience in disputes within and outside court, including what is referred to as faults in horses. Christina has a strong commitment to matters concerning faults in horses and through the great knowledge of horses there is a high understanding of all terms that occur in the horse world.


Bankruptcy law in Sundsvall

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that companies sometimes suffer from payment problems. The reason may be that one or more of the company’s customers cannot, or do not want to pay the company’s invoices, or that a company is in a temporary economic downturn where its own earning capacity is currently insufficient. Many times such problems can be solved through voluntary agreements that include concessions or installment plans, but in some cases the problems are so great that the company needs the help of an expert with advice. Primus Juridik can help you apply for an injunction with the Swedish Enforcement Authority. We can also handle the dispute regarding your claim in court.


Consumer law in Sundsvall

As a consumer, you are at a disadvantage vis-à-vis sellers and shops. They usually have expertise in consumer law and have the resources to carry out protracted conflicts. In order to seek a quick settlement of the dispute, it may be an advantage to turn to a legally knowledgeable representative.

It is not uncommon for a consumer to become dissatisfied with a product, product or service.

The consumer guide in your municipality in all glory, but they do not pursue goals. If you intend to make a report to the General Complaints Board (ARN), there can be great advantages in having an expert prepare a report.

Disputes concerning consumer law are often about a product / service that does not correspond to what is expected, or that the seller / craftsman does not keep what he / she and the consumer have previously agreed on. In some cases, the agreement may have been made orally, what applies in these cases?

For smaller amounts, you can turn to the General Complaints Board, but if the dispute concerns larger amounts, it is recommended to seek the help of a legally knowledgeable representative. Especially if the dispute is handled in a general court.

The consumer law laws give the consumer far-reaching opportunities to assert their right, but are you as a seller / craftsman sure that the consumer is right?

In these situations, companies should turn to a legally knowledgeable representative.

Sports law in Sundsvall

Primus Juridik knows sports law

Sports law is not a formal area of ​​law. However, there are several legal areas and regulations that directly or indirectly affect sports. These laws and regulations are by natural explanations difficult to have full control over for an individual who is not legally educated. However, it is important not to ignore the legal perspective in sports in the hope of minimizing the risk of unnecessary mistakes but also to safeguard one’s rights as an athlete / association. When a non-profit athlete / association interacts with society, they automatically come into contact with society’s laws and rules. If the association rents a premises, the association must know and take into account the provisions of the Land Code (Rent Act). When the association enters into a purchase agreement, the association must be aware of and take into account provisions in the Purchase Act and the Contracts Act. If the association employs, it is important to know and take into account the labor law legislation. Add to this the knowledge and effects of tax law. Simply put, if you are responsible for or control a sports activity, you must know adequate legislation or enlist the help of a person with this knowledge. Behavior in sports can sometimes result in a sports penalty in the form of a warning, fine or suspension. The individual can also be excluded from the association. The background can be doping, match-fixing etc. If you end up in this situation and need advice or representation, you can turn to Primus Juridik.

Sports law can thus be described as the relationship between law and an athlete’s everyday life. No matter what level of sport you are at, it is important to know the basic rules of law that sport has to deal with. The more elite-oriented activities you carry out, the more you will be affected by the law, for example through sponsorship agreements, tort law, association law, tax issues, intangible issues and more.

To be able to practice your sport today but also to be able to put aside some of your income until after your active career. So it is important to maximize the commercial parts of your sports business. We assume that your desire is to become a dominant player in the sponsorship market. We at Primus Juridik can help you with these parts. We negotiate in your place with intended sponsors / employers to maximize your income.

As an athlete or artist, you may have an agent to help you. Primus Juridik is a complement to your agent. (If you do not have an agent at all, we can of course offer this service). An agent usually works on a ”commission” and has an interest in your contract being as comprehensive as possible. Primus Legal is the objective counterweight. We help you look at the big picture of your sport. What rights and obligations are woven into your contract / sponsorship agreement, what happens if you or your counterparty for some reason want to terminate your agreement prematurely, what tax effects will the agreement have, how can you best plan for the future? Even if your sports career today flows on without problems, we at Primus Juridik want to be one step ahead. What happens on the day problems arise, what does your finances look like if you are injured for a longer period, what happens if your main sponsor goes bankrupt, what happens if your salary or sponsorship money fails?

Elite sports are becoming increasingly commercialized and professionalized. Which leads to the legal regulation of sports becoming increasingly apparent. We at Primus Juridik consist of committed lawyers and economists who master the above area of ​​law. We are passionate about sports and several of us have experience of previous sports careers. Our goal is for you as an athlete / artist to be able to focus on your performance to 100%. We at Primus Juridik help you with everything else according to your wishes. With the help of Primus Juridik, you can maximize your athletic performance.